Our stack Frontend and design

Here's a list of technologies that we prefer to use based on this scale:

Experimental - We're still playing around with this, and we feel very optimistic about it. Try it out!
Recommended - We'd use this hotness on all projects if we can!
Good - It's still a good choice, but consider better solutions for newer projects.
Sunsetting - We maintain projects with these, but don't start new projects with this anymore.
Avoid - Our poor experience with this tell us to stay away unless absolutely necessary.

CSS conventions


A very sane solution to making sense of CSS for large-scale projects. RSCSS makes a lot of sense, and is being used in many of our projects.


BEM (Block-element-modifier) is quite popular, but is overly-verbose. Consider RSCSS instead, which is a lighter alternative to BEM with a cleaner syntax.

Frontend libraries



No frameworks

Vanilla ftw!


We're still playing around with this.


Overly-reliant on jQuery, avoid this.



Design tools


Good cross-platform alternative to Sketch. Works in Mac, Windows and Linux. Comes with many collaboration features. Free!


Gold standard of design tools, but we prefer Figma for its collaboration features.


Good, but avoid it for UI work.

Frontend library registries

npm registry

Get your frontend JS/CSS packages via npm packages. Works with Webpack!


Avoid this. Unreliable at times, and Bower is now deprecated. Use the npm registry instead.


Avoid putting external JS in the repos, use npm packages instead!