Onboarding New team members

Mashup Garage follows a standard process to get new team members up and running efficiently. When new members join the team, MG's mentors will help them set these things up.

Online services checklist

Make sure new team members are set up with the following services. Be sure to walk them through each one, and explain what each one is for.

GitHub for code collaboration

Add them to the @mashupgarage GitHub organization, add them to the All team, and add them to the proper project teams. Be sure to work with them in setting up their workstations with GitHub access.

Gsuite account for email access

Set them up with their own @mashupgarage.com email address. Help them out in setting them up on their phone, too!

Slack for team communication

Add them to the team's Slack, and ensure that they're in the proper channels (#general, #excuses, #hr-questions, #attendance).

Jibble for attendance tracking

Show them how it works, and ask them to test it out as well.

Jira for ticket management

Ensure they have proper access to the projects relevant to them.

Semaphore for continuous integration

Add them to the @mashupgarage Semaphore organization.

HR briefing checklist

When onboarding new members, HR personnel will be briefing them on these things.

Leave requests

Walk new members through the process of filing requests, and brief them on leave policies.

Skill self-evaluation

Ask new members to evaluate themselves in key skill areas. We'll revisit this later on their next performance evaluation to see how they've grown.

Workstation & devices

We have a checklist on setting up developer machines. Here are a few other things to take care of.

Wifi access

Set up all their devices on the office wifi.

Developer tools

This varies from project to project, but work with the new recruit in setting up their common toolchain needs.

Project management checklist

This list is usually for Butch to accomplish.

Resource allocation management

Project managers will help determine which projects the new team member is best suited for.