Bootcamp Unix basics

This page is a work-in-progress draft.


To teach the student the Unix basics.


The Unix operating system has been the backbone for many modern operating systems.

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What will be taught?

Unix filesystem

  • Basic navigation (cd ls)
  • Symbolic links (ln -nfs)
  • About mtimes (touch)

Bash shell features

  • Piping (|)
  • Redirection (>)
  • Command sequences (&& ||)
  • Background jobs (& disown)

Unix process tree

  • What is a process?
  • Browsing processes (top htop)
  • Killing processes and kill signals (kill killall)

Unix permissions

  • How to read unix permissions (eg, -rwxrw-r--)
  • About Unix users & groups (whoami w)
  • Octal permission numbers (eg, 0755)