About this playbook

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

Like the quote above, it's very important that our practices are implemented early and done correctly.

This playbook is a collection of our learnings and experiences throughout the years of working together and after doing more than a hundred projects of different sizes for startups and enterprises.

We know technology and practices evolve fast. This playbook also evolves fast too. We like trying new things while documenting our experience.

This playbook also keeps us consistent on our practices, technology choices, management styles, and most of all, our culture.

If you're reading this as an outsider, we hope you enjoy reading it and perhaps learn a thing or two. It may not be right all the time and our practices may or may not work for you but for us, it is the baseline foundation of the way we work on our projects.

Take a peek on what's in our minds, what's happening within our company, and what kind of software development team we are.

Again, perfect makes perfect.

You might be curious now, so what does exactly Mashup Garage do?