Bawal ang pikon

bawal noun: — Forbidden, not allowed;
> ang article: — An article similar to "the";
> pikon noun: — Easy to anger, quick-temped, peevish.

We take great pride for our consistent and high coding standards. It is a culture we have always aimed to foster. "Bawal ang Pikon" is one of our mantras, because we believe in calling out inconsistencies in someone's work before it becomes a habit. But at the same time, we expect everyone to be mature enough to know that they being called out for their work and not being attacked as a person. Think of it as a form of check and balance.

With our work

  • At first, it may seem brash or odd to hear people using profanity when discussing about code, but discussions are done in good faith.
  • Consistency is our aim, and being able to deliver the same accurate code every single time.

"Feel free to call out bad code."

With our standards

  • Checking each others' code or work has always been a standard. Making sure that we check all of our work twice is not just a norm, it's what we expect from one another.
  • Our experience translates to our standards, our senior developers have a lot of them that we all try to cascade down to our mid-level and even junior members.

With our people

  • We all understand that when you're being called out, it's about your work and not about you.
  • Some discussions around the office or even on Slack may have become heated at one point or the other, but we always keep ourselves level-headed.
  • At the end of the day, we aim to help each other.

"Don't take criticism personally."