This section may change as new React versions are released.

Why we love React

  • React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available in the market. Known for being flexible and efficient, it powers thousands of modern web applications such as Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, and many more.
  • React enables a Component-based Architecture to break down a large application into smaller, manageable parts. This provides the benefit of Reusability across the project.
  • With the use of self-sustaining components, a system could grow without ever needing to be redesigned for Scalability.
  • Better Performance through React’s Virtual DOM, the library constructs a representation of the page in a virtual memory where it performs the necessary updates before rendering the final UI.

Fundamentals and Practices

A few basic guides to developing React Applications right:

  • Components are the building blocks of React Apps like most modern frameworks.
  • State & Props usage will define your app's behavior and performance.
  • Structure is subjective but must be sensible and scalable.
  • Flow and React go together like bread and butter.