Agile development

As a venture building company, we give great importance to processes.

Teaching stakeholders, product owners, developers, designers, and people involved understand the importance of following proper software development and business processes on building products.

Agile Software Development

Together with proper business plans, proper resourcing, budget, and most importantly, dedication. We believe that agile software development as one of the keys to build, launch, and maintain successful products.

Within Mashup Garage, challenges come in different forms. These processes are our ways to manage and work on them. Being able to adapt on various team compositions, skill levels, budget, the stage and maturity of the company, and most importantly, the founder's experience.

We're creating a series of guidelines from our experiences on what to do and not to do for those various company and project compositions.

These processes are far from perfect and we understand each company is unique. This is our means to put everything and everyone on the same page so everyone can enjoy building their products together.