Test Blitz

How does this work?

A small event similar to CSS Blitz where we get our members have our newly developed projects showcased and tested.

Imagine, a private beta-testing event within Mashup Garage.

What are the prerequisites?


  • We identify projects/teams who would like their products tested; usually end of sprint or pre-launch periods.
  • Product owners highlight areas or the coverage of the bug hunting session.
  • They can choose to have users test the entire project or test a certain feature.
  • Prepare a shared document where testers can collaborate to file bugs. Shared document so it prevents duplicates and ideally outside of their current bug tracking tool.


  • Anyone can participate.
  • We will announce the projects being tested ahead of time via our #general channel.
  • The testers will sign up which project they'd like to test.
  • They start testing!

What is expected?

Bugs, lots of bugs.

  • Product owners or project managers will decide what to do with the results of the bug hunting session.
  • Product owners can decide to give rewards to testers depending on the severity.