Project manager checklist

Prior to starting a project, these items are required for the project to progress. Understandably, some items may have already been provided or has existed prior to the project starting, but are needed for the duration of the project. Items and instructions to be done in the project are guided by these.

Process/Business Flow

- Establishes what the app will be and its intended flow.
- This is also the precedent for the other parts of this checklist.
- Referenced by the `Feature List` and `User Stories` as they are created.

Scope/Statement of Work

- This lists all of the features that were discussed and agreed by the partner (client) and the development team.
- Intended as a high-level view or perspective of the project.
- Gives an insight what the project is aiming to complete and guides the project objectives.


- May be provided by partner (client) at the start of the engagement or made during the project.
- Mock-up Designs and Wireframes.
- Although initial designs are provided, it still can be changed or discoveries may yield changes on the proposed design. Overall, it should still follow the `Design Freeze` as scheduled on the Milestones.

Feature List

- Based from `Scope or Statement of Work`.
- List of all the features as discussed.
- Basis for epics and `User Acceptance`.
- Changes on this may result in adjustment of deadline and scope.

User Stories

- Granular perspective of the `Feature List`.
- This will be the basis for Job Tickets that will be worked on by the team.
- Context for stories are very basic and tells exactly what the app needs or can do with the users.

Sprint Estimates/Breakdown

- Sprints are (usually) broken into 2 weeks or 10-working-days segments.
- Each sprint has a set objective that will either roll out feature(s) or aiming to fix and/or address several issues.
- Items on the sprint are allocated points or estimates on how quick each item will be completed by the developers.
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Schedule and Timeline:

- Milestones of the project.
- Specific targets and events that are highlighted as points that are basis for the progression of the project.
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