Deployment Checklist

Deployment Checklist

This checklist gives actions steps that, if followed, help ensure a smooth deployment.

Check the items before every deployment to see if your application is ready to go! 🎉

Quality Assurance

  • The Release Candidate tickets were chosen and deployed to the Staging Server
  • Release Candidate tickets underwent peer Review
  • Release Candidate tickets passed their acceptance criteria
  • Regression Testing on Staging passed with no issues
  • Minimum: Happy Path Testing
  • Preferred: Automation Testing for multiple flows
  • Final Release Candidate was manually checked by the Project Manager

Tip: Larger Features

When deploying large or wide features, it may be helpful to create separate checklists for other parts of the site that may be affected, such as connections to third party services.

For Projects with Pre-Production Servers

  • Release Candidate tickets were deployed in the Pre-Production Server
  • Regression Testing was completed in Pre-Production Server
  • Final Release Candidate was manually checked by the Project Manager

Tip: "Pre-Production"

Some projects may have "Pre-Production" servers. Their purpose is to act as a secondary staging server. Acceptance criteria testing may be done in the staging server, and regression testing can be done in the Pre-Production servers.

Proper Deployment Times

  • It's not a Friday
  • The time is on or before the middle of the developers' work day (Ave. time is 3pm)
  • The time is preferably before or after the time when the app has the most number of active users


Mistakes can happen even in the most well-planned deployments. It's important to consider giving enough buffer time for last minute fixes.

Post-Deployment Requirements

  • Smoke Testing passed
  • Github Release was created
  • Release Notes were created (if required by client)
  • Executive Report was created