Tech services checklist

Most projects will need all of these services below, with very few exceptions.

Code repository

We recommend GitHub to function as both our central code repository and code review platform.

Team communication

We recommend Slack for its ability to allow our team to communicate asynchronously, in and out of the office. Be sure to set up integrations with the other services!

Ticket management

We recommend Atlassian Jira for its incredible flexibility in letting us manage issues, tickets and sprints. Alternatively, there's also Trello and Asana.

Continuous integration & development

We recommend SemaphoreCI to continuously test changes as they appear, as well as to automate deployments to staging0. Alternatively, there's also CircleCI.

Staging server

We recommend Heroku to set up a server to preview new project developments as they happen. A CI/CD system (above) is usually set up to automatically push updates to Heroku apps.

Optional requirements

Some projects may also need these services, depending on their needs and requirements.

File upload storage

We recommend Amazon S3.

UI design tool

We recommend Figma.

Error reporting

We recommend Rollbar and Bugherd.

Performance monitoring

We recommend New Relic.

Log management

We recommend LogEntries.

Uptime monitoring

We recommend Pingdom.