Collaborating with clients

Our design process involves everyone from our developers, designers—and our clients as well. Here's a typical flow of how a new project may involve our clients in our design work.

1. Initial meeting & brainstorming

The design process starts here. In this phase, the client will communicate the needs and what they are envisioning the app/website will be. There may wireframes or basic designs that are discussed here, also including which pages are be included.

2. Pre-start design phase

From the initial step, the ideas that were discussed are then transformed into mockup designs. These designs are rough translations of what the finished product might become.

3. Approval of initial designs

In this process, there would be a lot of communication to and from the client. We usually use Invision, Figma and Sketch as it allows the comments on specific parts of the design. Colors, sizing, etc. are tackled here, as it will also include UI/UX to the design.

4. Implementation (start of sprints)

After the approval, it's time to implement the design. While developing, some alterations and recommendations may be discovered, which will be communicated to make sure that the design stays true to what was intended.

5. In-development design improvements

Agile Development allows a bit of creativity on the design that it allows changes to what was initially done. The discoveries and new ideas can still be incorporated, but within reason, as these may alter the forecast for the time to develop.