Your business

We're glad to be working with you and being part of your team.

We want success as much as you do. Therefore, there are some certain expectations that we require from you.

Our expectations

We expect that you understand your project very well and that you've done enough research about the industry you're into (or getting into). That by pursuing your project, you firmly believe that it will bring forth success and provide significant value to your endeavors, personally and to your company.

We expect you to learn a bit of agile development. For new founders, the Lean Startup book provides a good set of guidelines to successfully launching your product.

We also expect that you will give priority and attention to your project. Always ready to answer questions, raise questions, challenge the team, and being there when we need you. We understand that you may be busy, so someone in your team who has more time would do.

We expect that you also have a plan post-development. Plans to market and acquire customers. Plans to raise funds if needed. See post-development checklist for more information.

As much as we love to give you advice, there is a certain extent on how our teams can provide them -- we provide solutions using technology, product development expertise and experience, but be ready to provide the same level of dedication to the project, such as testing the product, writing documentations, eliminating blockers, and more.

We're all in this together

Ultimately, we believe the responsibility isn't just on our team alone but also on you, the founder/project owner. We need to work together.

If you are unsure of any of the items above, we expect you to learn them now or work with our team on equipping you the knowledge and the tools so we can build great things together.