Flexible, efficient, scalable. Many online experiences are built in React today. It's unparalleled in its ability to make flexible, accessible and beautiful interfaces.
JavaScript meets web and mobile

Amazing user interfaces are built with React.

React enables a component-based architecture to break down a large application into smaller manageable parts. This provides the benefit of reusability across the project. With the use of self-sustaining components, a system could grow without ever needing to be redesigned for scalability.

High performance

React’s Virtual DOM constructs a representation of the page in a virtual memory, where it performs the necessary updates before rendering the final UI.

Cross platform technology

Tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix are taking advantage of React's ability adapt to both the web and mobile. With React Native, we can use the same technology to write user interfaces for any screen typewhether it's on your desk or in your hands.


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