Ruby & Rails

Ready, set, launch. Our experience with Rails lets us launch high-quality web apps fast. With Rails's focus on productivity and developer happiness, Ruby on Rails is our weapon of choice in building systems on-demand.
Lightning-fast prototyping

Rails lets us build apps faster than anything else.

Mature & established tech
Established in 2004 and continues to be in widespread use today
Optimized for fast development
Get more done in less time and effort with Rails
Decades of experience
Many of Mashup Garage's engineers have 10 years of experience with Ruby
Tried, proven and battle-tested
Mashup Garage has built dozens of Ruby on Rails apps over the years

Our Rails advantage

We’ve worked with our clients from all over the world to bring their ideas to life using Ruby on Rails. By leveraging on Rails's focus on developer productivity, we're able to bring ideas to solutions easily.

10+ years of Rails experience

Our engineers have been maintaining Rails applications for years. Our combined experience in building, scaling, deploying, testing and managing Rails applications allow us to provide tailor-fit solutions to all kinds of business requirements.

The MVP platform of choice

Rails is one of the most popular choices in building a startup's minimum viable product. Getting more done with less code is one of Ruby on Rails's core tenets. It's this philosophy that makes Rails the perfect tool for validating product-fit for startups.

Developers who use Ruby on Rails can build applications about 40% faster than teams that use other stacks.

Who uses Rails?

Many companies today use Ruby to build their web experiences. Companies like Airbnb, GitHub, and Basecamp are all not only users of Ruby, but significant contributors to its growing community as well.

We’re not the only company using RoR – Airbnb, GitHub, SlideShare, Dribbble, Bloomberg, CrunchBase, and Shopify (to name a few) have also trusted Ruby on Rails and used it in their applications.


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