Productive. Reliable. Fast. Elixir lets us build apps like never before. It's scalable, robust, and an absolute joy to work with. Building web apps has never been this magical.
The future of reliable web apps

Scalable apps are best built using Elixir.

Mashup Garage's team of engineers use Elixir language with Phoenix framework to build high-demand applications. Elixir excels in data-intensive business logic, and gives performance and reliability unmatched by many other platforms today.

Extreme performance

Elixir is a compiled language where optimizations are baked in before a server even starts. This architecture allows Elixir to perform faster than other conventional web development platforms like Ruby, Python, Node.js, and many others.

In one benchmark test, Elixir with Phoenix framework performed up to 13 times better than Ruby on Rails, and upwards of 50% more performance compared to Node.js and Express.

The default performance of Phoenix/Elixir is quite impressive.

Max concurrency
Built for handling millions of requests at the same time
Engineered for uptimes of 99.999% and upwards
High performance
Faster performance compared to Ruby, Node.js and others
Huge ecosystem
Supported by a large community of engineers

Rock-solid reliability

Elixir apps are built on top of the Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom Platform). The platform has been designed from the ground up for the telecom industry's need for reliability and massive scale. Elixir and Phoenix allows us to leverage Erlang's robustness for web and mobile applications.

The Elixir and Erlang communities pride themselves in aiming for 99.9999999% (nine-nines) uptime. This incredible reliability has been achieved in Ericsson's telecom switches, and continues to be a benchmark for Elixir's commitment to resiliency and fault-tolerance.

Reduced server costs

Elixir applications typically use less resources compared to applications built on dynamic languages. With Elixir's focus on performance, apps can handle more customers with less computing power. This allows Elixir apps to handle millions of requests with small servers.

Bleacher Report has gone from needing 150 servers to just five, thanks to its decision to move from Ruby on Rails monolith to Elixir Phoenix.

Elixir applications are built with modest technical requirements in mind. This allows Elixir apps to be deployed to an array of small commodity servers, rather than relying on high-cost hardware.

Bleacher Report has gone from needing 150 servers to just five, thanks to its decision to move from Ruby on Rails monolith to Elixir Phoenix. One of the main benefits the team has found is that Elixir runs on a fraction of the infrastructure previously required and without external vendor dependencies, saving BR vast sums of money.

Who uses Elixir?

Countless companies today rely on Elixir to deliver rock-solid performance with very demanding requirements. Pinterest, a social media platform and global phenomenon, relies on Elixir to reduce their code complexity and upkeep costs. LonelyPlanet, an international travel guide book publisher, uses Elixir to help connect lodging data from multiple 3rd party services.

The site Elixir Companies maintains a list of companies that include Elixir in their strategy for delivering solid performance and unparalleled reliability.

Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly users. They use Elixir for their notification system, and thanks to that, they reported a tenfold drop in the codebase size from 10,000 lines to only 1,000 while also cutting server requirements by a half!


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