Your startup deserves a good team

A team that understands and knows what they are doing, and cares enough to make you succeed.

We build great products


If there is something that we care about the most, it's quality. Your idea deserves great execution. We care about efficient sprint planning, code quality, test coverages, documentation and everything to give your product the royal treatment.


We are your Investor's best friends. Your money is important. We make sure that it is well spent by providing you good and cost-effective ways to execute and develop your product.


We care about your feature's product design, user interface and engineering as if it's our own. We love pixel perfect and flawless work.

Our software engineering practices are outstanding

With MashupGarage, we value the importance of focus. That's why we only work on Ruby on Rails projects. But that doesn't mean we can't do other things, we are skilled enough to carry out Javascript, iOS, Node, and even GO projects.

Our core communication tool is Slack. We make use of Github issues and its amazing pull request system. We always work with Jenkins* for continuous integration. Pivotal Tracker* or Asana* for project management.

*optional. However, Slack and Github are not optional.

World class

We have worked with global brands such as Startup Weekend, Deloitte, McDonalds and more. Our teams are located in San Francisco, Manila & Melbourne which makes our day to day work exciting.

Our latest work

A ticketing platform that pays you

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