Playbook digest #1 September 2018 update

New design, new pages, and more! Hey there this is the playbook. What an awesome piece of book.

New design articles

The Playbook now has articles for learning some important design concepts! Today we're introducing some new pages.

  • The 8px grid tells you how to set up a base grid size that can adapt to any device.

  • Modular scale teaches you how to pick font sizes in a systematic way.

Adding JavaScript to pages

We have two new pages describing the best ways to add JavaScript to any website. These pages describe the approach for websites with and without React:

  • React custom elements teaches you how to add React components to any page using Remount.

  • Onmount behaviors teaches you how use onmount() to add behaviors to any page for sites that don't use React.

🚢 Docker improvements

Easier PR reviews

Contributing to the Playbook is easier than ever! Pull requests can now be reviewed as compiled websites using Netlify deploy previews.

More updates

Here are some more recent updates: